Child of Light

Shirlet is the master channeler in
the books "Dirt, TRUTH, Music,
and Bungee Cords", "Soul Sins,
and Regrettable Lies" and "Soul
Mechanics". Shirlet has been able
to see and hear spirits, spirit guides,
and other dimensional beings since
she was a child.

Shirlet came from California and
has silently retained a small, select
psychic/oracle practice in the rural
mountains of Pennsylvania. Shirlet
attracted the attention of a  Buddhist
monastery at a young age, and the
monks who considered  her
a child of light encouraged her abilities. She began diagnosing people who
were sick with incredible accuracy and working with families to help them
communicate with those who they had lost on the other side. Shirlet always
teaches, "They do not like to be called dead" they are not. They have only
passed on into one of the spiritual forms that are possible. Shirlet started
working with people at a young age. She never had to fine tune or work with
her abilities because they came naturally. Spirits love to speak with Shirlet
and are drawn to her.  Many spirits say they have waited a long time for
someone like Shirlet who has these abilities to talk to their loved ones because
most people cannot hear them.  

Shirlet openly communicates with otherworldly spirits irrespective of their
vibrational level or dimension of origin. Regarded as a seer and spiritual
teacher by her unearthly partners she channels spirits in a conversational

Shirlet has been doing readings for many years and has clients who fly in to
see her from all over the world.  Up until recently this was all by word of
mouth.  Although  Shirlet has never needed to advertise, at the urging of so
many clients and spirits, for the sake of people who would not otherwise meet
her but desperately need help that only she could give, thus this website was
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