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An Aura Reading With a General Reading

Shirlet was born with the rare ability to see the aura.  The aura is another name for the soul. The
soul is who you truly are, the real you who reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime to spiritually
develop. Shirlet has always seen the soul as an energy field that spins around all living things. The
human aura reminds Shirlet of multiple wheels of colors spinning around the human shell. Each
color on the wheel can indicate something about you. The colors can determine what is going to
happen in your love, finance, and health or mental state. Also the colors around you can show roads
to make your journey on this planet easier. The Soul records your life and events, also illness, and
often problems that have stressed you in your life.  When Shirlet reads your aura, she will also read
your chakra centers. These are the main seven centers of your aura wheel. In my opinion this is the
best reading I offer that focuses mostly on you and your life's journey. This reading can last up to
two hours.

After your aura reading Shirlet will do a question session (up to 5 questions) for you. These
questions can be about anything you would like to ask about. If you would like to add a general
reading session the cost is $100.00 extra and can take up to one additional hour.

Cost for a Aura reading is $300.00 per person.
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email

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