How to Avoid Psychic Scams

One of the biggest psychic scams that I have experienced along with other very credible psychics is
the classic psychic stalker.  I have had many psychic stalkers call or e-mail me to threaten me.  The
reasons vary.  Most are based on jealousy or a bad experience with another psychic.  I also have
been threatened over religion and your typical psychic debunkers.  The dangerous instances come
from the murder cases and missing person cases that I have helped work on.  

I know many of my very credible psychic colleagues and myself have had our names put all over
the internet to discredit our hard work.  I know myself I have risked my life to find a missing
person, only to have one of the suspects buddies start stalking me.  They usually try to send
harassing e-mails, or call on the phone, to distract me from my work.  This cannot work.  I do not
voluntarily control the seeing or hearing of spirits.  They are always around me, and speaking to
me.  Many of the psychics that I have worked with were harassed by similar stalkers, and had their
names smeared on the internet as frauds.  This is a sad situation, considering I know these people to
be credible and tried to help their clients.

I feel that myself and others are the voices of the spirit world, and will always prevail over those
who are unjust in their accusations.  For this simple reason, I do not read any of my e-mails or
answer my phone calls.  I have a secretarial staff that monitors this and handles it for me.  Many of
the psychics that I know do the same thing.

Stalking is a crime, and should always be reported to the authorities.  All of the stalking cases that I
have experienced were reported and investigated right away.  I urge all psychics who are reading
this, and might be going through something similar, report it right away.  When you are a well
known public figure like myself and many others, this is an unfortunate fact of life.  A certain
percentage of the population will always feel jealous or threatened by you.

I have decided to do a book on psychic scams at the constant urgings of the spirits in addition to
the horror stories I have heard on behalf of my clients who were formerly ripped off.  Here are 9
suggestions to help you, read them carefully!

1.)  People with psychic ability do not need to ask you about your life, they can tell you.

2.)  Never pay more then you are quoted at the time of your appointment.

3.)  If any psychic that you are going to see tells you that you have a curse, black shadow, or
damaged aura and requests large amounts of money to fix it, do not walk away, run!

4.)  If a psychic is telling you to keep coming back over and over in a short period of time, they are
probably  scamming you.  The information in a good psychic reading should cover between three
months to a year.  I like my clients to wait at least three months before a return reading.  How ever
I will read for a client on an emergency issue right away.

5.)  Do not pay large amounts of money for nothing.  A psychic should see details about your life
not just generalize.

6.)  Beware of hourly rates for channeling sessions.  A channeling session should be one fee until it
is done.  Spirits do not talk on a clock because time is irrelevant on the spiritual plane.

7.)  If any psychic attempts to blackmail you with personal information from a reading seek legal
advice as soon as possible.

8.)  If any psychic refuses to let you record your reading beware.  Why don't they want a record
that you were there?

9.)  If you go to a psychic and they request a large amount of money or property to help you, seek
another opinion or legal advice.  Chances are good that you are being scammed.  You only ever
owe the rate your psychic requested for your session.
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