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1.) Death
2.) Accidents vehicle or otherwise
3.) Injury to any property, humans, or animals
4.) Illness of any kind
5.) Hauntings of any kind
6.) Money, property, or information loss of any kind
7.) Loss of relationships of any kind
8.) Worldly events
9.) Weather
10.) Fear, your own or otherwise. Please do not come to Shirlet if you are
afraid of
the spirit world or afraid of what you will hear.

YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM. Not only will it greatly affect and
ruin my reading with you, it is a waste of your time and mine.

2.) Shirlet will under no circumstance withhold any information given by
spirits that could save your life or the lives of others, or could inform you
of illness or any other information.  

3.) Shirlet will not be held responsible for any emotional, physical,
psychological, or spiritual problems that happen before, during, or after
any of her services. Shirlet will not be held responsible for any vehicle
accidents, death, or any other accidents that happen before, during, or
after her services.  Shirlet will not be held responsible for loss of money
and\or property before, during, or after any of Shirlet's services.  Shirlet
advises to only have a session with her if you can handle being in contact
with spirits and whatever they may say or things that make occur before,
during, or after your session with Shirlet.  Again if you are worried about
your reading or what will transform because of it please do not come to

4.) Shirlet is not responsible for anyone the spirits want you to talk to,
warn, or give advice.  Shirlet only tells you what the spirits tell her.  The
spirits always make clear to Shirlet that all warnings are on the person or
persons having the psychic readings or any messages given by the spirit
world. Shirlet is to help save life, and warnings are given because the event
they are warning about is preventable.

5.) Shirlet is not responsible to make spirits communicate with you. Don't
come to Shirlet if you want to talk to one spirit only on the other side.  
When Shirlet does psychic readings she cannot make a spirit come
through and talk to you.  Sometimes spirits have moved on, reincarnated,
or may have a feud with the family and not wish to communicate.  Most
of the time but not all, the spirit you want to communicate with will come
through but with a lot of others.  Shirlet cannot force spirits to talk or
dictate what they will say.  Shirlet is a psychic and will tell you everything
she hears them say to you.  Shirlet is also not responsible for the ghost
box communication.  Many times spirits will come through very clearly
and talk to you.  Some times there will be so many spirits talking you can
barely hear what they are saying.  And some times you will here a lot of
the white noise and only a few spirits will come through.  Again Shirlet
cannot make them talk to you.  The ghost box has helped Shirlet solve
crimes and save peoples lives.  But this is not always the case.  Spirits
communicate when they want to not when they are told.  Spirits can and
do lie, just like the living.

6.) Shirlet is not a doctor or any type of licenced physician.   Shirlet
advises no one on medication from a doctor should ever stop taking their
medication without the doctor helping them to wean off of the medication
first.  To just quit medication can cause stroke, heart attacks, or sever
illness and death.  Always talk with your doctor before having any other
treatment that could affect you on a serious medical level.  Shirlet advises
all people should heal mind, body, and soul.

7.) Shirlet will not do any services for anyone under the age of 18 without
a parent present.

8.) Shirlet will not do any type of meta-physical reading or teaching for
anyone under the influence of street drugs or alcohol for this can lead to
spiritual possession.

9.) Shirlet reserves the right to stop psychic readings at any time, and to
refuse appointments for any or no reason.

10.) Shirlet does not do psychic readings for everyone who calls, or
e-mails.  Shirlet is one person and is a psychic and needs people to know
how physically draining a psychic reading can be.  Shirlet gets many
e-mails and calls a day, sometimes from all over the world.  If one of
Shirlet's office staff calls you or e-mails you, you are very lucky to get in
to see her.  Sorry Shirlet will not call everyone back or e-mail everyone for
a reading.

11.) Shirlet is NOT an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or doctor.  
Any advice given by Shirlet is not to be used by you in place of any legal,
financial, tax or medical advice or diagnosis from a qualified and licenced
professional in any field.  Shirlet's advice cannot replace diagnosis or
advice from qualified and licenced professionals in any fields.  Shirlet's
readings are to offer insight into your personal life and does not in any
way constitute legal, financial, tax, or medical advice.  Shirlet will not be
held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this website or as a
result of any appointments with Shirlet. Shirlet is not responsible for any
events, actions, or decisions that you or any other person may make as a
result of any communication and\or any session with Shirlet.  Shirlet is
not responsible for what anybody says, or any third party information
about her.

12.) Shirlet is NOT responsible, without limitation, for any damages,
actual, incidental, and/or consequential resulting from any claims,
resulting from any act or omissions, negligence, fraudulent
misrepresentation or otherwise including without limitations, loss of
income, death, personal injury, stress emotional or otherwise, omissions,
errors, or otherwise.

No Refunds!!!