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A general reading is for the person who wants to know more about
love, finances, health, and family matters.
A general reading has
nothing to do with the spirit world or talking to spirits.
If you want to
ask Shirlet about loved ones who have passed or a haunting please see
General & Spirit Reading.

For your general reading Shirlet will do her own reading for you first,
then go over your questions. Shirlet will tell you everything that she
sees, and will not to hold anything back. If you are looking for a more
detailed reading about you and your life journey the reading you may
want is the
Self-knowledge Reading. Or Aura Reading.

A general reading session can give you the answers you need to know
about love, money, family, and changing your life for the better right
now. This is a great session for clients who have general questions
about their lives, or who are seeking more opened pathways for this
life's journey.  

Cost for a general reading is $100.00. A general reading last up to one
hour. For groups a general reading session is $100.00 per person. If
you feel you need more than an hour with Shirlet the cost is $200.00
for a two hours general reading.
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email

Don't forget about Shirlet's gift certificates! This reading would
make a great gift
Before making an appoint with Shirlet, please read
Pet Peeves and

                          No Refunds!!!
         For Entertainment Purposes Only