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The Ghost Box is a great way to communicate with spirits.  It has
become increasingly popular in the paranormal research world over the
past few years.  The Ghost Box is prominently seen on most ghost
hunting TV shows, and all over the internet & you tube.  In my
opinion, being a psychic, it is a great gift being able to have
the spirits talk to you for those who can't naturally hear them.  

I want to make clear there are a lot of spirits around us at all times, any
spirit can come through on the ghost box and say anything to you.  
Some will tell the truth and want to help you, some will tell you
nonsense, while others will lie.  Also the energy of the people using the
ghost box and surrounding it, is a huge influence.  The bottom line is
there is no guarantee that any spirit will tell you the truth through any
ghost box.  Just like when they were alive, people can tell you the truth
or lie to you of their own free will.  It has been my experience as a
psychic, people do not change when they pass over to the other side
unless they want to.  If they were a deceiver in the living they still can
be a deceiver in death.  On the flip side, the Ghost Box can be very
accurate, sometimes shocking in details.  I have had amazing readings
with the Ghost Box for families and myself where
the information was dead on.

The Ghost Box is a radio that's been altered to receive messages from
spirits.  It quickly scans channels to allow the white noise that's
generated to be drained by nearby spirits.  This allows them to
manipulate the white noise into audible sounds to form words.  At the
same time, the spirits are draining other sources of energy such as
electrical wiring, the earths electromagnetic field, and other electrical
sources.  This is to gain enough energy to form complete sentences.

The Ghost Box has been extremely accurate and helpful for some of
my clients, and myself, It has given life altering information to many
of them. The Ghost Box has given many of my clients closure by
being able to talk directly with their loved ones who have passed on
to the other side.

The Bad Points of My Ghost Box. It sometimes can be very hard to
understand and hear what spirits are saying, Spirits also many times
will all talk at once, making it really hard to understand what they are
talking about. Sometimes radio stations will butt into the
communication.  There is no guarantee of what spirits will talk to you
or if any will talk to you at all on my ghost box. There have been days
I have had amazing communication over my ghost box, and I have had
days I have had no communication on my ghost box. The ghost box
can be fun to listen to with an open mind. Do not come to me looking
to talk to one specific spirit over my ghost box, I can not control what
spirits talk or what they will say to you on my ghost box. I do not
charge any additional fees for someone to listen to my ghost box in
the general & spirit session that my ghost box is offered to listen to.

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