A great gift for some one who has everything, or who is not feeling well, or maybe just needs some
answers in their lives.  A gift certificate for a psychic reading by Shirlet.  Shirlet will honor all gift
certificates for up to 12 months after the sale of the gift certificate.

To get a gift certificate for a psychic reading with Shirlet.  If by mail you must E-mail Shirlet to let
her know when to have the Gift Certificate Ready and what type of Psychic Reading you are
buying the Gift Certificate for.

When the type of gift certificate has been decided, Shirlet will mail it out as soon as payment is
received in her office.  Shirlet excepts personal checks, post office money orders.  Gift Certificates
can also be purchased at Shirets office.
If you are picking the gift certificate up at her home office.  Please notify her through E-mail or
phone and she will have it ready.  This is cash only.

Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email

Before making an appoint with Shirlet, please read Pet
Peeves and Disclaimer
General Reading Session
Aura Reading Session
Past Life Reading Session
Past Life and General Reading Session
Past Life, Present Life, Future Life Reading Session
Soulmate Reading Session
Soulmate and General Reading Session
Channeling Session
Whole Psychic Reading Session
Total Psychic Reading Session
Phone Reading Session  (1/2 hour)
Phone Reading Session  (hour)
Soul Guide Reading Session
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