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Shirlet Expert and Authority on Hauntings

Shirlet is an expert on hauntings.  She has worked in this field for many years.  Shirlet will consider
working on hauntings on a case by case basis.

Shirlet is a psychic.  She can see spirits and hear them.  She can also see the gates in the home or
on the land which is the center of most activity because this is a portal for spirits to pass from one
plane of existence to another.  Most buildings have a few spirits who dwell there permanently along
with the many who are always passing through.

When working on a haunting Shirlet goes to the land or building, talks to the spirits who are there.  
They usually tell her their names, how they died, and why they are there.  Then she looks for the

Next Shirlet educates the family on how this should be handled.  This can be very dangerous and is
not a game!  Spirits and other beings can attack and kill and aggressive hauntings should never be
taken lightly.

Media Inquiries are welcome.  Shirlet is a very good teacher of the spirit world.  Shirlet is the one to
work with, her expertise in this area is from serious real life experiences and her psychic gifts to
communicate with the spirit world.

If you are filming material on real hauntings or the spirit world you definitely need the rare talents
that Shirlet has.  Please call as soon as possible so she can make time for your project in her busy

Most people believe when you pass on to the other side, the spiritual plane, you will quickly go to a
heaven or hell.  Not so, many spirits stay on this planet mostly by their own choices.  We are all
born with free will to choose your life's work in this reincarnation.  You still have your free will
when you pass on and you can choose to stay here on the planet or pass over to another electrical
vibrationary level of existence.  Many spirits choose to stay here.  They all have different reasons
for these choices, but the main ones I have come across with my channeling psychic sessions is
they don't want to leave their own homes they grew up in or died in.

People are not much different when they pass into spirit from when they were living.  If they put a
lot of money, time and hard work into their homes they tend to want to guard their investments
even after death.  Think of it this way.  Say you saved money to buy a nice home for you and your
family and you put a lot of hard-earned money, sweat, and tears into your home, and you passed
over through death to the spiritual plane, and you were still haunting your home because in your
mind it is your house, you bought it and fixed it up, and you see new people buying it and moving
in and changing all your hard work you put into it.  What would you do?

ones taking over their home even through death.  Remember spirits can hear and see you very
clearly and will act on what you are doing especially if it is against them or if they think it is.

Another important point to make with hauntings is a lot of times if there is a tragic death, such as
murders or suicides, some spirits tend to get caught up in what has happened to them and they will
keep reliving their death.  

I once meant a spirit of a woman in channeling who told me she was raped and strangled to death
She was so upset this had happened to her she kept going to her old apartment and reliving the
event to try to see what she could have done to stop it.  She blamed herself!

Another channeling I had done a man came through claiming to be the murderer and still had all the
other man he had killed and was searching for him to kill again!  Of course he's already in spirit
from but the man who was also in spirit form who had killed him didn't care, or even know he had
died too.

Some of the saddest cases I have been on is when a person takes their life.  The spirits are usually
very sorry for that decision.  They always say they wish they had not killed themselves.  I don't
know how many haunted homes I have been called to where the clients were at their wits' end.  
That the sad and very angry spirit had taken their life and was so upset they had done so,
they were destroying the property and in some cases attacked the living occupants.  Spirits who
had taken their lives usually just want to communicate and say they are sorry for leaving behind the
people who loved them.  A lot of people ask me do suicides go to hell.  Not really a lot of the hell
they go through for taking their lives is seeing and feeling the pains they have caused the living, the
ones that really mattered to them.  This is really very hard for the spirit to go through and a very
sad experience.  I have had some cases where the spirit who had taken their lives said they were on
a different vibrational level, a transitional level, where they were kind of stuck, and couldn't get out.  
I feel their pain and the pain of the families are what keeps them there.  I feel this level is a sub
conscience emotional level that exists in the astral plane and is very easy to get caught up in.

I want to touch on what people would call evil spirits.  Remember when I said you always have
free will even after death.  It is your choice or emotional level at death what happens to you.  Like
I said people don't change much after death from when they were living unless they are sorry for
some misgiving they have done.  They still have the same level of emotions as far as what they
loved to do when they were living.  Spirits who were evil dark natured people will still be as that
and want to do to the living what they had done when they were alive in a human shell.  For
example, lets say an evil natured man murders 20 or more women in sick sadistic ways.  The cops
get him, he gets the death sentence and he dies.  Well he will probably stay here and want to
continue his evil doings on the living, when someone tells me spirits can't hurt you, I can't stop
laughing.  No they can kill people or make their life hell!!  Spirits have incredible powers, all their
senses are heightened.  They are not held down by the lower vibration of the human shell.  They
can see for miles, smell for miles, and taste for miles and highly sense all vibrations around them.  
They can read all of your thoughts and do.  I don't know how many times people blame demons for
everything when a lot of the time it is evil human spirits.  

Don't get me wrong possession is very real, I have worked with cases of possession, but I just need
people to know you can get possessed by many types of beings and spirits not only demonic
angels.  Not all hauntings are positive in nature.  There are evil spirits who can and do attack the
living, even animals and can kill or cause someone to kill themselves.

If you are being attacked in your home this is very dangerous.  You may have an evil spirit out for
you, for some reason.  A lot of times exorcism will not get rid of them, it only enrages them to
come on stronger with the attacks.  In cases like this get out of the home.  No home is worth your
life.  Also a lot of changes need to occur in your life.