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Hi, I am Shirlet, I want to talk to you myself to explain what I'm about and how I
can help you with my psychic gifts.  I want to start out by making it clear I take
my gifts very seriously.  I know all children and animals are born with their
psychic gifts developed, animals always keep it.  They can see spirits and other
beings and forms of energy just as clear as you are reading this page.  Children
usually lose these psychics gifts between the ages of 10 to 14.  

The reasons vary, but the main reasons I have come across in my many years of
communicating with the spirit world is religious dogma.  This really saddens me.  
The gift of psychic development is a God given gift for all and should be used to
help others through their psychic development for healing and closure.  An evil
being or spirit does not give you psychic abilities to heal other forms of life, They
want to destroy it!  Psychic abilities, whether born with them like myself or
developing your psychic abilities are not evil!  In no way, shape, or form!

Another reason is fear.  Don't get me wrong.  If you see the right being or spirit in
its manifested form, you could be shocked, and scared enough to run for it.  I do
want to make it clear however many spirits materialize into manifestation with the
last memory of how they saw their bodies at the time of death.  I call this memory
lock.  The many spirits I have talked to who appeared to myself and their loved
ones deformed, were very sad for what had happened to them, and truly wanted
to communicate with their friends and loved ones.  They told me they
remembered floating over their bodies and seeing the damage done by a traumatic
or violent death, and recognizing themselves as that person.  For example, say a
person gets in a very violent car accident, and loses their head, that person now in
spirit form may appear to their loved ones and friends headless, because that is
their last memory of their human body.  All of this does depend on the souls
development and vibrational levels.

Another sad reason I have come across is no knowledge of the God-given gift of
Psychic development we all possess.  Yes you are born with these psychic gifts,
but you must learn how to use them and keep them vibrating at a higher rate of
energy.  It is not your fault if no one has ever told you about psychic abilities.  
Now you know that you can open your psychic gifts up and you should remember
psychic development is a God-given gift and should be used by all for healing
mind, body and soul.

My psychic gifts were always developed at a higher level and like the animals I
never lost any part of my psychic abilities I was born with.  I never had to attune
them or practice.