1.) DO NOT bring anyone to me for a reading, or along with you to sit in on a reading, who does
not believe in what I do. It will negatively affect your reading, and anyone else involved who is here
for a reading. This is a waste of my time and your money. When someone does not believe in
something they automatically put up energy walls that lower the frequency and its vibration, making
it impossible for me to connect to and communicate with spirits in your reading.

DON'T COME to me for sessions dealing with spirits if you are afraid of them, or afraid of
what they might say to you.
DON'T BRING anyone with you that is afraid of spirits or what they
might say. This will ruin my communication with them.

3.) If you are planning on leaving a relationship and want to use your appointment with me as an
excuse to go through with it,

4.) I will not read for anyone who drinks alcohol, or does street drugs before they come for their
reading. This is very dangerous and can lead to possession.

5.)  Don't come to play games.  If you don't need my help or want to get answers to better your
life, I will throw you out.  I don't waste time on those who don't deserve my gifts and help.

6.)  If you do not trust in me to help you please go to another psychic who you will feel more
comfortable with.  It is very important that you are comfortable with the psychic you choose.  A
psychic reading can point you in the right direction, be life changing for the better, or even save
your life.  If you go to a psychic you do not have good energy with, you are wasting your time and
the psychics time as well. I am not God! I am not all knowing! I have good days and bad days like
everyone else on our planet, but I will go out of my way to give you the best reading that I can.

7.)  If you think you are more psychic than I am, Don't come to me.  It is a waste of your time and

8.)  Don't come for religious conversions.  I am not changing my religion and you are not changing
yours.  So don't bother asking.

9.)  What ever psychic reading you want and pay for I will be glad to do.  However do not try to
schedule one type of reading and think that you can con me into doing the more detailed, longer,
and more expensive reading.  A general reading is not a complete channeling session.  Read my
website to know what you truly want before you call to make your appointment.

10.)  If you are afraid to hear the truth and facts, do not come to me.  I feel people who hold vital
information that could save someones life is not a healer.  I try to tell everything I see and hear
spirits say to me about you.  That is the only way I can help you. I am tired of people saying, if you
are a psychic that tells everything, it's a scare tactic. Telling someone the truth to save their life or
better their life, is not a scare tactic.

11.)  Don't e-mail me questions unless you have made an appointment with one of my secretaries
and paid for it.  I don't see my e-mails unless I am doing the reading for them.  I get way to many
to answer myself.  My secretaries do all the phone and e-mail work.
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