When you come to Shirlet for a past life reading, Shirlet will read 3
past lives for you. A past life reading can be very important. Our soul
holds a memory of our past lives, and many times it will try to make
them repeat. A person could have been hurt very much in a past life by
a lover, and the same events could be repeating now in this life for you.
It is good to know what events have happened in past lives so you can
watch out for them. Many times in a past life an event could have gone
very wrong, and could be playing out in your life now, but if you know
what to look for you may be able to alter your path in turn changing the
event. Many times past lives can help us to grow in this life now. One
of the ways they do this is to help us to understand why things are
happening to us the way they are. Sometimes past lives give us an idea
of what our path is for financial success, by helping us to remember
what we were passionate about before. Many times someones greatest
fear is how they passed in their last life. Sometimes having this
information can help them understand and overcome some of these
fears. Many times people are born with an injury or an illness that they
died from in a past life as well.

The cost for a past life reading is $200.00 per person. This reading
lasts up to
2 hours depending on what Shirlet gets into. If you would
like to add a general session onto your past life reading the cost will be
an additional $100.00 and will add more time to your session.

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