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Have Shirlet Communicate With Your Soul Guide

Shirlet is the psychic in the book "Dirt, TRUTH, Music, and
Bungee Cords
" written by Bud Megargee about her soul
guide sessions for him. (click on Books written about Shirlet
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A soul guide session can be a life changing event.  We are all born with soul guides.  A soul guide is
a spirit or angel who is here to watch over you and protect you.  Soul guides can come in many
forms.  A soul guide can be a loved one, a friend, an animal, or a spirit attached to you and feels the
need to communicate with you or give you a warning of an upcoming event or tragedy.  Don't
come to Shirlet for a soul guide reading if you are not serious about wanting to try to change your
life.  Some soul guides when they come through with these soul guide sessions can be very to the
point.  In other words, they do not hold back on what they are going to say to you.  This session is
not fool the guesser.  They do not waste their time answering questions you already know the
answer to.  Soul guides often will give you different roads your journey in this lifetime could take,
but it is up to you to make the decision which road you chose. We have free will with our spirit on
this planet in this incarnation. Soul guides will not force you to listen to them, they will only offer
options. With a soul guide reading Shirlet will do a reading to contact your soul guide and go over
any messages that Shirlet may get.

The cost for a Soul guide reading is $300.00
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email

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