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I want to make it clear that there are millions of spirits on this planet.  
effects of time and space like the living are.  They can travel from
location to location at the speed of thought.  The senses of a spirit are
not hindered by the human shell either.  They can see, taste, hear, and
smell for miles.  In turn the point of The mind however will keep its
consciousness and free will to choose to cross over to another
dimensional level or stay on this lower vibrationary level for their own

Many of these spirits will stay in a home they loved and defend it.  
Spirits can be stuck here in this vibrationary level by their own
unforgiving mind and strong will of a loved one wanting to keep them
here.  I have met many spirits who were murdered and working on
getting even and getting the killer caught by law enforcement.  I have
also talked with many spirits who were the murderers.  Some sad and
wanting forgiveness, and many others not and wanting to kill again.
This is a serious situation for this leads to many attacks on living
humans or possession.  I have had people say to me only the living
can harm you.  Not so.

I have worked with many families for many years and I have witnessed
people being thrown lot of these people did bring it on themselves by
messing with dark energies they could not control, or severe abuse of
drugs and alcohol.  Spirits can parasite the aura on humans and animals
for possession.  In turn this causes many illnesses, some life threatening
or death of the human or animal host.  There are three stages of
possession.  They are infestation, oppression, and possession.  Many
people are already oppressed, it is not too far of a push for an evil spirit
to attach to the aura of the host they have picked for possession.  I want
to make it clear however that innocent people can and have been
attacked in these fashions.

All of this can be very confusing to people who truly believe that after
someone passes on into the spirit vibration that they automatically  go to
a lower vibration level or a higher one, which people term as a heaven
or hell.  Some do and have, many don't, mostly it is their decision.

I also want to make clear there are many other beings on this Earth.  
Cross overs, I call them that because they can cross out of any
dimensional level to another, and sometime into ours.  I have seen them
from time to time, and have talked with some.  Many though won't
communicate.  They come and go at their own will, and many don't like
humans.  One told me one night "I don't understand a race who keeps
killing each other in war, we don't want to communicate."  I could only
say "I'm sorry, war isn't my choice."  and the being was gone.

I would like to touch a little bit on thought forms.  A thought form is an
energy that is given life by someone from their own mind.  Remember
the mind is very powerful and will give you what you truly believe in.  
Especially if you concentrate on it enough.  A thought form can be
given enough energy to bring it into solid form.  This can get quite
dangerous for a thought form in most cases can't be controlled.  It takes
enough energy form your mind, body, soul and outer energies to become
quite real and in some cases very intelligent.

I have heard many people say that all entities, deities, spirits, demons,
astral beings and others are only thought forms.  Not true, many of the
above are very real, and live in their own vibrationary level or other
plane of existence completely, but have nothing to do with the human
mind.  I believe all energy had a start from an incredible higher form,
but the human mind did not make all energy, we were created out of it.

The spirits and others have always taught me that there is a complete
higher energy,  I call them the council for they are many whom had a
hand in our creation.  I must say the human body is beautiful and a gift
above all gifts.  To be able to love, give birth, trust, hope, and feel with
total emotion.  Many beings do not possess total emotion, as we do.

If people could see what I can, and see the beauty in our planet, the
colors of vibrations of trees, air, water, animals, minerals, us, all of this
Earth is so alive.  Lets keep our Earth that way and be more positive, for
to lose our Earth would be a great IRREVERSIBLE TRAGEDY.