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Total Psychic Reading

This reading is for the person who wants it all. Do you feel you deserve the best? Then this reading
is for you. First Shirlet will start off your Total psychic reading by doing an Aura reading. Shirlet is
one of the top Aura readers in the world. Shirlet will go into detail and explain the Aura and Chakra
system and how it functions. Shirlet will then read all the rings of your Aura and Chakra field for
you. She will explain in detail, what she sees and what this means for you. Please see
Readings. Shirlet then will do a channeling session for you. Please see Channeling Session. Shirlet
will start by explaining the spirit world, as she has been taught by the spirits and other beings
themselves. Why they are here, what they want, and about reincarnation. Shirlet will then channel
what spirits are around you, and what messages they may have for you. Shirlet will then do a
life reading for you. Shirlet feels these readings are very good to know because past lives try to
repeat themselves. Shirlet will explain past lives and how they work from what the spirits have
taught her. Shirlet will do three past life readings for you.  Then Shirlet will do a questions session
(up to five questions) for you. These questions can be about anything you would like to ask about.
If you would like to add a general reading to your total psychic reading session, the cost is an
additional $100.00 and will add more time to this session. See
general reading for more information.
This reading is for the person who wants to take their time and savour the moment. With this Total
psychic reading you will get to experience World-renowned Psychic Shirlet's most sought after
readings in one sitting.

A Total Psychic Reading is $500.00 per person and can last up to 4 hours.
This Total Psychic Session is a $300.00 savings compared to scheduling the
Aura, Channeling Session, and Past Life Reading separately.
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email at

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