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This reading is for the person who really wants to know what their next
move in live may be. This could be career, knowledge, or love. Also
this reading is for the person who wants to know what spirits are
watching over them and around them. Also you may want to know about
loved ones, family, and what is coming up for them. With this reading
Shirlet will explain to you in detail about the spirit world, why they are
here on this planet. Then Shirlet will do a channeling session please
channeling session for more information. Then Shirlet will explain
in detail about your Aura and Chakra field, what they are, and how they
work. Then Shirlet will read your Aura, explaining what the colors
mean for you on your aura. Please see
Aura Readings for more
information. If you would like to add a general reading session to your
total package reading the cost is an additional $100,00 and will add
additional time to your session. See
General Reading for more details.

A Total Package Reading is $400.00 per person this reading can last 2
to 3 hours. The Total Package Reading is a $200.00 savings compared
to if you scheduled the channeling and aura readings separately.
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email at

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Before making an appoint with Shirlet, please read
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