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Sometimes life can get very hectic and you may wonder what your
future holds for you, and if the circumstances you are in now are going
to get any better.  Another reason you can be having problems in this
time of your life, is past lives.  Past Lives have a tendency to repeat
themselves.  The spirits have always told Shirlet that we are
reincarnated to address issues that we have yet to learn from.  
Sometimes these lessons can be really good, or make us feel we are not
advancing in our spiritual growth.   Sometimes we will have to deal
with a lover from the past, or even bad family members, problems, or
tragedies. This is a good reading if you want to know what happened in
your past life and you need to know if things are going to change now,
and you would like to know more about your future to come.  
When you come to Shirlet for a Past Life, Present Life, and Future Life
Reading, Shirlet will start by reading three past lives for you. Then
Shirlet will do a reading on whats going on now for you.  Then Shirlet
will do a reading into your future.  At the end of the session Shirlet will
do a question session for you for any questions you may have about the
reading or loved ones.

The cost for a Past Life, Present Life, and Future Life Reading Session
is $300.00. This session can last up to two to three hours.
Contact Shirlet by phone at (570)-764-3053 or (570)-764-2088
or by Email at

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